just a teaser, 7 pieces into summer, more to comer

there are things, things that only i see

they’re out to get me.

i saw myself in her as she limped away

and a mess of my sight…


more more more

sale still going on, some pieces gone. some new on.

lower prices. help me make room for the summer collection B-)

balaclava 50$

buffalo 66 100$


early hombre 60$

ambid-x 65$

ash and rust 120$

melting zig-zag 40$

sea talk


calling up to me

like summer to drawn in

natural destruction

size 34 (19mm) needles my mama brought me back from the states. bamboo. other sheers to make you dream.

yes, this is all for the summer collection.

little girls in the middle of the black forest

no ridding hood

just butter on their fingers

contemplate the hollow tree, inside of them. inside of me


life sliding through their digits, through their soul, through their pain

no compas. what’s a gps?

full moon doesn’t move.

little girls lost


unisex airy longsleeve, to layer in summer, throw on a tanner…

from the upcoming spring/ summer collection

(worn here with the leather wrap skirt)

summer sneak

big dreams. big plans. no more burden job. making bread with them needles and thread evermore.

summer collection on its way.

get ready for the battlefield

imma be here, just here.

knitting thunder. crafting fire…

pretty blue gun

cropped, asymmetrical  semi short sleeve sweater (sssssssssss)

made especially for the lovely Audrey Cantwell

(midnight blue with a few touches of black)

i can see me in your eyes

you like music we can dance to

everybody was well dressed

and everybody was a mess

listen to the more than great version of the song “I’ll try anything once” from the Strokes, by Anaïs Larocque

anaïs larocque – i’ll try anything once


remember i was telling you about making those pieces for Audrey Cantwell?

well her collection OVATE is finally out!! i love everything she made and I’m really proud to be part of this :)

here are some pictures with my knits

(click on the pictures to be directed to the website and see ALL THE PIECES)


Audrey is not only VERY talented, she is also inspiring, inspired, she’s really nice and fun, and she’s got great taste.

go to her website to view more of her creations:


she also runs a vintage shop


and of course, check out her blog